Website, Webshop & More

image_cellhone-and-laptopOur ICT company Heartbeat IT Solutions facilitates all ICT matters for students within the program “Entrepreneurship At School’. That starts with learning students to make their own website in WordPress . The advantage is that students develop the right skills to create a website when needed for projects during further education.

When the concept of a team of students is focus on B2C, we teach students to create their own online shop and link it to marketing automation. That seems very difficult, but with contemporary software, this can be set up easily. When the concept of students is focused purely on the audience of (European) B2B, students can use the B2B Marketplace of our trading company EURObizz Marketplace.

Together with our hosting partner Neostrada we facilitate students with secure hosting packages for web shops and web sites, their own professional domain and professional email addresses. We can provide schools digital services such as VoIP telephony (50% cheaper than traditional phone lines!), digital portfolios and e-learning facilities. For other technical matters, we have a wide European network of suppliers.