Preparations prototypes ColorCane and Dynocharge

The Students company ColorCane (Delft, Netherlands) and Dynocharge (Rijswijk, Netherlands) have started the stage to make their prototypes. Recently they have been collecting sponsorship money so they can buy the first materials.

Furthermore ColorCane visited the foundation Bartimeus to talk with an expert about the world of the visually impaired. This valuable feedback will incorporated into their concept. They will soon go back for an ‘experience’ with in a fully blinded space to walk a parcours with the direction of a visually impaired instructor. This way they will experience what it’s like not being able to see nothing or hardly something on the streets and dodging obstacles.

DynoCharge has already created a 3D printed scale model and is now, based on the described technical mode, preparing the development of a real prototype. Both companies are being assisted by High Tech Centre Delft (HTCD).

Both companies strive to show a first prototype before the 2017 summer holidays. If you like to sponsor DynoCharge or ColorCane, please contact them via or