Our Vision On Entrepreneurial Education

Our mission, vision and passion
Our goal with the ‘Entrepreneurship At School’ program is to give a highly realistic experience of how the startup and building up of a company goes. In our view, this can only be done by trainers that are entrepreneurs themselves nowadays and share their current knowledge and experience with students. From this experience, it is our passion to let students really discover what it is to set up a business through a practical, comprehensive and unique program. Entrepreneurship At School prepare for exams on the theme of entrepreneurship. Thus we are capable to fully relieve schools and provide students a continuous learning.

Connection to attending further education
Even when students will not start a business, they learn so much in our program that they always bring that experience into their future careers. The full program addresses over 40 competencies. International business is an integral part of Entrepreneurship At School. This enables students to develop a solid foundation for better connection to further education. We give them that extra springboard.

An essential starting point for us as entrepreneurs is doing honest and trustworthy business. This transparency can be found among others in the fact that intellectual property of (by students) invented concepts always remains with the school. The offering/launching of services and/or products by students at the market happens in consultation with and under the responsibility of the school. Any income/revenues from sales of services and/or products by winning teams belong at all times to the school. They determine, net of any costs, which part of the revenue is allocated to the students of the winning teams.

We facilitate all formal matters, such as Chambers of Commerce, bank accounts, purchasing/sales, administration, hosting, domain names and email addresses through our company. Thus we relieve both the school and the students and enable the students to undertake things. But under the safe umbrella of EURObizz. EURObizz Academy and its trainers/staff commit themselves to secrecy about the content of concepts and ideas that are figured out/executed in cooperation with participating students and the school. Communication over/publishing of projects will be done only in a general sense to promote the school, the Follow Up Program of Entrepreneurship At School and concepts.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
CSR is not a matter of window dressing for us. It is our sense of social responsibility to help fellow entrepreneurs, in difficult areas, also to flourish. We do this by lend a small part of each tender as microcredit through www.kiva.org. Refunded microcredit will be kept in the system so that it can be made available again to other entrepreneurs on the platform of Kiva. Our offers to schools are exempt from VAT for delivery to recognized vocational training.

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