Introduction Program

During the Introduction Program, we offer a brief theoretical part and then quickly proceed with the interactive practical part. Here are  great concepts born! In recent years we have noticed that students not only develop the basics of entrepreneurship in our program, but also an attitude of courage. Courage to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. Guts to try, instead of being afraid to fail. Courage to be themselves with their own profile and talents.

  • International skype meeting in English with an entrepreneur from Portugal

During the Introduction Program, students can use help lines like calling experts from various sectors and live video conversations in English with entrepreneurs from Europe. This way they can check whether their concept is innovative, realistic and achievable. They can also check whether their concept is known in a different country/culture or another and if their product/service internationally has a possible chance of success. With this feedback they can fine tune their concept before presenting it to the class.