Final and Follow Up Program

Of all participating teams in a Introduction Program three teams are nominated for the finals. In the final the nominated teams will compete and present/pitching their concept. Students will vote on the team that, according to them, should win the final. These votes applies as advice to the jury. They decide eventually which team is the winner. Immediately afterwards, during school hours, the winning team goes to the cinema with luxury transportation, fully catered with popcorn and cola, to a movie of choice.

  • The winning team goes to the movies with a Tesla

During the Follow Up Program, we develop the concept into a marketable product or service. Product concepts will be, wherever possible, self-printed using a 3D printer. Students will contact potential suppliers, customers and experts within and outside our network. Via e-learning, students can increase their knowledge about marketing, finance / accounting, strategy, revenue models and assist and facilitate students in building their website. We provide the hosting, domain names, email addresses and where applicable the e-shop. Also we visit a few companies to see how entrepreneurship works in daily life.