Entrepreneurship At School goes international!

The program Entrepreneurship At School is already running at various Dutch schools and both pupils and teachers are enthusiastic. From September 2018, Ondernemen Op School will also be running outside the Netherlands in an adapted form. Under the name Y.E.S. (Youth Empowerment by Entrepreneurial Skills) we will set up a project for 2 years with local partners in Italy (JO Consulting), Cyprus Dorea Educational Institute), England (Bridging to the Future) and Lithuania (European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute).

In many countries pupils and students have to deal with youth unemployment after completing their school.
That is why Y.E.S. make a contribution to tackling youth unemployment through entrepreneurship. Universal is that all young people have dreams, but can make the difference where you are born to realize those dreams. For example In Italy, for example, 20% of young people aged between 15 and 25 are unemployed and no education* (* source: 2018, Statistics Netherlands (CBS)).

We know from experience that entrepreneurship can make an impact and that is why we are happy that now outside the Netherlands we can make a difference for young people. Soon more news will follow, keep following us!

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