Teachers Program

Teacher at Blackboard

The Teachers  Program is a unique training of two day parts, in which entrepreneurship, communication and management are core itemsl. Many teachers would like to do something in their classroom with entrepreneurship, but do not have (sufficient) knowledge about it and/or do not know how they can shape it in a contemporary way.

Our program ‘Entrepreneurship At School’ does not form an island on itself within schools, but rather seeks the cooperation and connection with teachers. From experience we know that ‘Entrepreneurship At School’ often leads to more cooperation between different departments/programs. We help teachers to shape this practically.


For example, an economy-class who have devised a concept and involve a technology-class to create a prototype. Teachers have an excellent opportunity here to facilitate students to work across classes and sections.

Day part 1
In the first session we let teachers take part in a mini version of the ‘Entrepreneurship At School’ program.
So teachers crawl into the skin of an entrepreneur and they experience what it is to conceptually started with the launch of a company. They can use this unique experience again in supporting students who want to start for themselves.

Day part 2
In the second session we have teachers stepping out of their comfort zone and learn teachers in a unique way to get updated on communication and management. Here we use techniques from the aviation industry and we are working with our partners to refresh teachers in a short time when it comes to (almost) flawless communication and management techniques. We then translate this into practice at school, where the role of the teacher is changing rapidly, among others, by the onset of personalized learning. We help making teachers future-proof as entrepreneurial teacher.