Company Visits in the region

  • Visiting Microsoft Office with students

Depending on the Regular or Intensive version of the Follow Up Program, we do 1 or 2 company visits with students. This way students see and hear in a practical way, how entrepreneurship works in everyday life. At least as important is the development of the right attitude, which has been started during the Introduction program.

These visits help students to enter the business world. Especially undertaking entrepreneurial activities and doing things they have never done before; we challenge students to ask questions and to step out of their comfort zone.  Students flourish and develop their talents, their professional network, and their entrepreneurial behavior.

Along with other components of the program, company visits also help students to develop a product or service that is ready for the market. Their entrepreneurial skills and personal development will grow. They will have developed a fundament for future studies, for their future careers and their continued personal development. So join the journey!